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Welcome to 2022


Bee's have left. they will arrive April 19th.

 ***due to the current cost of fuel we will have to charge an additional $2.00 per package***



How to seperate packages.  watch video click here

How to release the Queen.  Watch video click here



Order Form

Dont forget your 1/2 down payment.

To order bee packages please print and complete the order form and mail to:


1268 Nichols Rd

Swartz Creek, Mi 48473


2022 Ariary Inspection



AWSbees llc. are the sole distributor for olivarez bees in the state of michigan for 2021.


S&L Honey Farm          Anthony Bee Farms

Leo                                Dave

810-836-6764                    810-516-0779

5 Frames Deep Nuc

Call in orders ONLY.

Queens Always Available Call for prices

Stay Tuned for delivery information.


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